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Strategy 100

The World's Most Influential Strategists

Join us this year for the inaugural 2023 edition of Strategy 100 as we honor the most impactful strategists and companies around the world 

Honoring The 100 Most Influential Strategists

Strategy 100 is an annual listicle of the 100 most influential strategists in the world, assembled by the strategy industry magazine ‘Strategy Chronicle’. Launched in 2023 as a result of speculations and debates by strategy academics, practitioners and management journalists, the list aims to result in a highly publicized annual event. Appearance on the list is regarded as a mark of prestige and is perceived as an honor by the individuals and companies nominated and selected. Entrants are recognized for leading or contributing to the crafting of strategy that profoundly impacts their organizations and industries while profoundly changing the world, irrespective of the nature, directionality or consequence of the strategy involved.


Stratworth University is proud to partner with Strategy Chronicles in co-pioneering this unprecedented listicle & annual event honoring the best and upcoming strategic minds around the world. This year will only see the release of the inaugural Strategy 100 listicles. The annual gala event will begin in 2024.

Strategy100 Learn More

In addition to the flagship Strategy 100 listicle, other inaugural listicles being unveiled this year includes:

Strategy 100: Next Generation Strategists
Strategy 100: Most Strategic Companies &
Strategy 100: Female Strategists of The Year

Nominations are currently on-going into all four inaugural listicles. To nominate a strategist or company click below

View The 2023 Strategy 100 Honorees

To learn more about the Strategy 100 listicles, nominees, honorees and the annual gala event, please visit:


Know anyone who should be on the list?

To gain more information about the nomination process or to nominate yourself, contact the program coordinator via
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