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Stratworth Research-X

Premium Strategy Research & Analytical Skills

Distinguish yourself. Get an unconventional strategy education. Learn new ways of thinking, feeling and acting to create a prosperous world.

Programs To Advance Your Research Skills

Quality insights from rigorous scientific research conducted by highly skilled strategy researchers from both academia and practice is a core driver of our mission to provide the most profound strategy education for the benefit of firms and global prosperity. Similarly, we believe that the success of organizations is inextricably linked to the quality of research insights they have access to. Therefore, to enhance the rigor and quality of strategy research produced by strategy academia as well as those produced in-house by strategy practitioners especially research and development teams domiciled within organizations, Stratworth Research-X was conceived.


Stratworth Research-X exists to bridge the research and analytic skills gap among researchers to enhance the rigor, relevance and overall quality of scientific insights available to organizations.

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Research-X Instructors

Ready to upgrade your research skills?

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