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Executive Program in

A general executive strategy program

Strategize Differently. Learn novel ways of effectively crafting  unconventional strategies for superior competitive advantage.


The duration of our executive programs is 7 weeks excluding self-paced and collaborative sessions.


10-15 hours a week designed to be flexibly integrated into your work schedule


Experiential, learner centered, 100% online, delivering cutting edge strategy education experience 


$499/Full Program

There has never been a greater need for clear strategic direction as in today’s fast paced data and intelligence driven business environment.

Join a diverse cohort of executives led by a global faculty and grasp novel principles in strategizing.

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The Executive Program Team



To secure a dominant market position, your organization must have the ability to craft a winning strategy and flawlessly implement it across multiple business units. This training program will equip you to identify and exploit sources of competitive advantage, as well as execute revolutionary strategies. You will develop your analytical abilities and leadership acumen to predict industry trends, outmaneuver rivals, and sustain long-term success in the ever-changing global marketplace.

Key Benefits


This program offers a deep and comprehensive exploration of the strategy formulation and implementation process encompassing competitive positioning, competitor analysis, and strategic agility, as well as corporate strategy, sustainability, innovation, and strategy execution. By the end of the program, you will have acquired a framework for capitalizing on strategic opportunities in and across markets, gauging the actions of industry rivals, and utilizing your company's assets to create and preserve a strategic competitive edge.


Develop and refine more winning strategies
Comprehend sources of advantage in your industry and geographic sphere of influence
Differentiate between short-term gains and sustainable competitive advantage
Adjust and adapt your strategy to worldwide market fluctuations

Morph into winning strategic action plans
Assess strategic opportunity-costs while determining the necessary resources and organizational adjustments necessary to implement your strategy
Reconfigure and transition a single, niche-focused business into a multi-business enterprise
Implement and guide strategy across various business divisions and worldwide markets

Broaden your personal and professional connections
Expand your network by collaborating with successful executives from different backgrounds, sectors, and countries worldwide
Establish lasting relationships with a diverse set of colleagues who can bring unique, comprehensive and diverse perspectives to your business challenges and career choices.

Who Should Attend

This executive program is suitable for high-level executives saddled with the responsibility of crafting and executing a competitive strategy for a corporation or strategic business unit, including: CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CIOs, CSOs, presidents and vice presidents of divisions, managing directors, general managers and directors.

Please note that having multiple representatives from the same organization attend the program will promote collaboration and enhance the overall and collective impact the program will have on the organization. 

Skills Highlight

Strategic Purpose

Strategic Leadership

Missioning & Visioning

Strategic Intrapreneurship

Strategic Innovation

Competitive Intelligence

New Venture Creation

Exit Strategies


Acquire Novel Sources of Competitive Advantage

  • Quickly identify and understand sources of competitive advantage in your industry or region

  • Gain the ability to quickly differentiate between short-term gains and sustainable competitive advantage 

  • Learn  to transition or transform a single business into a multi- business organization

  • Apply novel strategic thinking and sensing techniques to formulate, execute and oversee strategy across multiple businesses and markets.

  • Join a network of global strategy professionals and aspiring strategy professionals from over 30 countries

  • Earn an Executive Education Certificatealongside digital badges of achievement

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