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Executive Program in
Corporate Revitalization

A specialized executive strategy program

Re-energize your organization. Learn novel strategies to effectively reinvigorate or determine a new direction for your organization.


The duration of our executive programs is 7 weeks excluding self-paced and collaborative sessions.


10-15 hours a week designed to be flexibly integrated into your work schedule


Experiential, learner centered, 100% online, delivering cutting edge strategy education experience 


$499/Full Program

At the edge of an intelligence-driven precipice, there is no better time to revitalize performance than today.  

Join a diverse cohort of executives learning novel and timely corporate revitalization strategies to drive future performance.

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The Executive Program Team



This program will help business leaders navigate the challenges of today's turbulent environment and achieve success for their companies. The program will explore corporate revitalization, including strategy, finance, organization, culture, and the strategic role of leadership. Business leaders will learn how to proactively tackle major corporate challenges, initiate strategic moves, and spearhead a revitalization initiative that establishes a firm foundation for growth. The program is suitable for companies at an inflection point and will help business leaders develop the ability to transform their company and embrace new frontiers.

Key Benefits

You will learn from companies that have successfully implemented major transitions how to identify strategic change issues and opportunities for improvement in your organization; overcome resistance to change, and rejuvenate the organization, its structure and culture thereby steering it towards a bold new direction. In essence, the program will equip you with practical tools and methods to effectively execute corporate transformation.


Conceive and develop a new direction for your organization's strategy
Identify the underlying causes of strategic challenges and issues
Recognize new strategic opportunities and potential areas for growth
Evaluate different strategic options proactively and select the best course of action
Effectively implement the selected strategy
Understand when and how to utilize financial re-engineering and private equity

Overcome resistance to change and steer the organization in a new direction
Develop plans to tackle current and potential hurdles 
Instill a sense of purpose into the organization
Utilize the company's culture to support your strategy and enhance adaptability
Steer your executive team and workforce through times of uncertainty and difficulty
Enhance your leadership skills to drive corporate revitalization

Broaden your professional and personal network
Collaborate with experienced executives from diverse backgrounds, industries, and countries
Establish relationships with peers who can provide valuable insights into your strategic business issues and career decisions

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for experienced corporate executives who hold significant decision-making responsibility in any industry or country, including but not limited to CEOs, CFOs, other top management executives, heads of divisions, heads of strategic business units, and important members/contributors to in-house strategy teams. It is also suitable for corporate advisors or board members who provide strategic advice and insights. 

The program is also a great fit for partners at private equity firms whose expertise are in corporate revitalization; senior strategy consultants who provide external advisory services to firms specifically around strategic transformation, strategic options and turnarounds; as well as senior leaders in financial services firms, legal outfits, investment banks and insurance companies, strategic communication firms, or any service organization whose services include helping firms craft and implement major corporate transformations are all encouraged to attend. The program is open to both individual executives as well as strategy teams, and attendance by multiple members of a company's leadership team is encouraged for enhanced collaboration and maximized impact.

Skills Highlight

Revitalization Frameworks 

Strategy Revitalization

Purpose Revitalization

Radical Intervention

Structure Revitalization

Overcome Corporate Inertia

Culture Revitalization

Executing Transformation


Transform & Revitalize Timely & Effectively

  • Instill a new sense of purpose into your organization through novel corporate revitalization insights  

  • Apply corporate revitalization frameworks from this executive program, to revitalize your organization and set it on a winning trajectory

  • Deploy revitalization skills to overcome corporate inertia and pivot your firm

  • Bring your organization’s corporate revitalization issues to class and get insights from instructors and colleagues who are often accomplished executives from diverse backgrounds, nationalities, industries and experiences

  • Join a network of global strategy professionals and aspiring strategy professionals from over 30 countries

  • Earn an Executive Education Certificate alongside digital badges of achievement

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