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Executive Program in
Competing in an AI World

A specialized executive strategy program

Compete to win. Learn novel ways your organization can effectively and successfully compete in the age of artificial intelligence.


The duration of our executive programs is 7 weeks excluding self-paced and collaborative sessions.


10-15 hours a week designed to be flexibly integrated into your work schedule


Experiential, learner centered, 100% online, delivering cutting edge strategy education experience 


$499/Full Program

As AI revolutionizes the world of business, traditional rules of competing are currently being re-imagined & re-calibrated.

Join a diverse cohort of executives mastering the new rules of competing in the age of AI.

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The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed the business landscape by enabling companies to redefine how they create, capture, and share value, resulting in significant growth. Regardless of your business model or industry, ignoring this highly disruptive trend is not an option.

This live online program will explore new AI-based business models and operational approaches. By examining a range of capabilities that can help businesses succeed in data-driven environments, you will learn how to lead your company's transformation into an AI-first top-performer  and unlock new growth potential. Additionally, you will gain a deeper understanding of the ethical challenges associated with using large amounts of data and advanced analytics.

Key Benefits

This online program provides a practical guide to artificial intelligence, its applications and its positioning as a source of competitive advantage for businesses. Through this course, you will gain knowledge of diverse applications of AI, such as machine learning, predictive modeling, and data science. Additionally, you will learn about network effects and platform strategies, and how to create an AI factory that helps your company to successfully compete in existing and new markets. Furthermore, you will evaluate your organization's current AI capabilities and business models, identify new opportunities, and create detailed plans for growth.


Pivot to an AI-centered business model 
Determine the best way to deploy AI in your firm & industry 
Revamp critical parts of your organization and operations to support an AI-centered approach
Lead the development of software, algorithms, data channels and R&D platforms that support AI implementation
Steer your organization towards developing advanced AI capabilities and automation
Facilitate ethical AI practices and AI risk management

Design or Identify novel AI-driven  opportunities to create competitive advantage
Re-visualize your firm's strategic value offerings to generate new sources of revenue
Adjust & make all systems, processes and roles within the organization AI-centered 
Effectively manage an AI-first operating model by engendering the necessary know-how, culture and capabilities
Acknowledge and the power of networks and leverage learning effects

Widen your professional network 
Expand your professional network by connecting with a diverse array of executives representing a globally diverse set of industries and backgrounds
Establish relationships with peers who can provide valuable insights into your strategic business issues and career decisions.

Who Should Attend

This program is intended for decision-makers, executives, leaders, as well as individual advisors within  established firms and new ventures irrespective of size. They should currently bear significant responsibility for steering their organization's strategy for AI, analytics, or digital transformation.

Executives interested in deploying the latest AI tools to uncover novel sources of strategic value and operating edge can also benefit from the program.

Additionally, individuals across the organization who occupy strategy-dependent roles, such as product management and development, digital and IT operations, marketing, supply chain, operations management, talent management, and strategic communications can benefit from the program especially those who wish to pivot towards AI-centered operating models.
Individuals developing and innovating in the digital and technology fields will also benefit from this program.

We encourage team attendance from individual organizations to promote successful collaboration and maximize the impact of the program on their firm's AI capabilities. This program is also suitable for cross-functional teams tasked with driving digital transformation through AI integration. By working together, teams can develop shared frameworks, tools, and reference benchmarks which can deploy back at their organizations to aid the development of an AI-centered culture.

Skills Highlight

AI-driven Business Models

Automation & Analytics

Regenerative AI & Strategy

New growth potentials

Data-driven Strategy

Ethical Deployment of AI 

AI-first Operations

AI-led Transformation


Win Competition in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

  • Revisualize your organization’s value propositions to generate novel AI enabled revenue streams

  • Transition your organization into an era of AI-driven systems and processes 

  • Lead and guide your organization in the development of artificial intelligence capabilities and the design of advanced data platforms thereby engendering advanced levels of automation to better compete in the age of AI

  • Manage the inherent risks associated with AI and engender an ethical approach to the use of AI within your organization.

  • Join a network of global strategy professionals and aspiring strategy professionals from over 30 countries

  • Earn an Executive Education Certificate alongside digital badges of achievement

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