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Strategy Education

Redefining Professional Strategy Education 

Through unparalleled strategy education, we envisage a future where our graduates & faculty distinctively shape strategy around the world.

An Unparalleled Experience

When you attend Stratworth University to upskill your rudimentary strategy skills through a Stratworth Mini-MBA, or to gain advanced  executive level strategy capabilities through a Stratworth Executive Program, or to learn from the best strategists in the world through a Stratworth Strategy Masterclass or even to acquire advanced research and analytical skills through Stratworth Research-X, you automatically become an integral part of the legacy of unparalleled and profound strategy education and cutting-edge strategy research we are currently building.

Our Programs

Our Programs


Modern Mini MBA programs in strategy designed as a cohesive series but can be taken individually. Carefully crafted with a focus on real-world strategy practice for current and aspiring strategists.


Premium professional strategy education for individuals and organizations designed to help experienced executives strategize at a higher level and expand their global perspective


A premium strategy program that aggregates rare strategy insights as masterclasses. 

Learn from the world's best strategists, anywhere and at your own pace.


Short premium theoretical,  and analytical courses designed to help strategy researchers produce high impact strategy research.

Lifelong Strategy Education

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