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Mini-MBA in Strategy

Obtain a general strategy Mini-MBA

Strategize differently! Learn to think strategically, develop & execute unconventional strategies to yield superior value for your firm.


The completion time for our mini MBA is 8 Weeks, but flexibly paced. The earlier you finish, the faster your certificate is issued."


10-15 hours a week designed to be flexibly integrated into your work schedule


Experiential, learner centered, 100% online, delivering cutting edge strategy education experience 


$300/Full Program

Strategy: Overview

Facilitated by a carefully curated international faculty comprising strategy practitioners and scholars, the mini-MBA in Strategy is the most comprehensive, interactive and immersive program on strategy available. Suitable for current and aspiring executives, employees and business founders who seek the tools and techniques necessary to forge superior strategy and attain superior firm value.

Strategy: Modules

A learner-centered curriculum designed to provide deep-seated competence in crafting superior strategy

Obtain ready-to-deploy skills

Industry-driven, evidence-based, collaborative and future-proof strategy skills

Stratworth's Mini-MBA in Strategy is carefully designed for current and aspiring business professionals occupying or aspiring to strategic roles. Irrespective of your goal: transitioning between roles, career advancement or new venture creation, you'll learn how to deploy data in the development of innovative business strategies  as well as the crafting of unconventional strategy for your organization. The development of this mini MBA specialization was predicated on our analysis of over over 2 million strategy jobs, and an extensive survey of strategy experts, scholars and consultants - including strategy practitioners from Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Accenture, MTN, Pepsi, Costco and Starbucks.


Skills Highlight

Corporate Purpose

Strategic Alternatives

Issue Diagnosis

Innovation Strategies

Environmental Scanning

Exponential Strategies

Strategy Formulation

Strategy Execution

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Shape superior strategy

with data-driven decisions

  • Deploy knowledge acquired through your Stratworth Mini-MBA in Strategy to set strategic direction & solve strategic issues 

  • Your Mini-MBA in strategy affords you mastery of futuristic soft skills like strategic thinking and open strategy

  • Stand out among peers with a competitive edge in futuristic hard skills like digital fluency, AI-aided strategy analysis, predictive-analytics and development

  • Demonstrate confident strategic leadership! Make superior strategic decisions and design unconventional strategies for your organization

  • Join a network of global strategy professionals and aspiring strategy professionals from over 30 countries

  • Earn a Mini-MBA alongside digital badges of achievement

Meet The Faculty

Cutting edge learning experience delivered by a global faculty comprising practicioners and scholars

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Lawrence Emeagwali

Associate Professor of Strategic Management

Stratworth University Unit|Facilitation

Area|Strategic Management

Affiliation|Girne American University, Cyprus

View LinkedIn Bio

Liza Cranberry

Professor of Strategic Management

Stratworth University Unit|Associate Faculty

Area|Strategic Management

Affiliation|University of Edinburgh, UK

View LinkedIn Bio

John Wilberfox

Professor of Strategic Management

Stratworth University Unit|Associate Faculty

Area|Strategic Management

Affiliation|University of Miami, USA

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