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Stratworth Mini-MBA 

Obtain a specialized strategy Mini-MBA

Differentiate yourself. Learn to integrate hot areas like AI, automation and big data into the strategic decision-making process.

Mini-MBA         Admission Requirements          For Organizations

An Unconventional Mini MBA


The completion time for our mini MBA is 8 Weeks, but flexibly paced. The earlier you finish, the faster your certificate is issued


10-15 hours a week designed to be flexibly integrated into your work schedule


Experiential, learner centered, 100% online, delivering cutting edge strategy education experience 


Our premium Mini - MBA programs are designed to be affordable. Upskilling shouldn't break the bank


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A Mini MBA Program With A Massive Impact

Next level career acceleration or the quest for professional development requires an investment of considerable time and resources - which you may not currently have. That's why Stratworth's Mini-MBA series is the ideal launchpad for the next level of your career and professional development.

Delivered online and live, we provide you the flexibility to join a global cohort and faculty of renown strategy professionals and scholars to accelerate your career goals and reach your peak of excellence. Within just a few days of enrolling you will acquire the insight necessary to confidently communicate  about key MBA concepts, the expertise necessary to interact with high-level executives and make strategic decisions that would positively impact your career and organization.

Through a Stratworth Mini-MBA you will gain career confidence, a well-rounded understanding of the business world, strategy skills to secure a seat at the strategy table, lifetime access to a priceless network of strategy practitioners and scholars, and a Mini-MBA certificate that attests to and demonstrates your achievement as well as your commitment to your ongoing professional development.

Why A Stratworth Mini MBA?

Our strategy -themed Mini-MBA is a quick, flexible and cost-effective route to accelerating and reaching your next level career goal and enhancing your employment profile. It provides you with a unique opportunity to equip yourself with practical strategy skills that you can deploy immediately.

You'll learn key strategy skills, insights, benchmarks and practices obtainable in any full MBA program  - at a fraction of the cost and time - from a faculty of outstanding professors (with real-life experience) and renown strategy practitioners from the corporate world. Our singular commitment to strategy education ensures that we prioritize the latest ideas in strategy and its supporting disciplines, to give you a clear edge in today's volatile business world.

Delivered online and live, you can complete the Stratworth Mini-MBA series or we can help you choose the Mini-MBA program that is best suited to your needs.

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Our Programs

Our Mini MBA Series consists of one general strategy program and three strategy specialization programs carefully crafted to provide you superior strategy skills. 

Starts: 1st July, 2022

Mini MBA in Strategy


Strategize differently! Learn to think, develop & execute unconventional strategies.


Starts: 1st November, 2022

Mini MBA in Strategic Foresight

Set yourself apart. Learn to predict the future & develop future-proof strategies.

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Starts: 1st September, 2022

Mini MBA in Strategy & Artificial Intelligence

Differentiate yourself. Learn to integrate  AI and big data into strategy design.

StratworthUni_Strategy and aig

Starts: 1st December, 2022

Mini MBA in Strategic Entrepreneurship

Distinguish yourself. Learn how to discover & exploit business opportunities.

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Is the Mini MBA for You?

Industry-driven, evidence-based, collaborative and future-proof strategy skills

Whether you want to take your career to the next level or your recent promotion to a managerial role requires a polishing of your strategy knowledge; the skills, insights and learning experiences you will gain from a Stratworth Mini MBA will give you the tools and confidence to stand out from your peers. 

We've carefully designed this program for all current and aspiring managers and professionals in roles across corporate, non-profit and government sectors who seek immediate upskilling results without having to spend substantial time and money on a full MBA program.

If you think the Stratworth Mini-MBA is for you, then it most certainly is!

We can assist you in deciding which program in the Mini MBA series is the right fit for you.

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Mini MBA Certificates

After completing each Mini MBA in the series, you will be presented a certificate of completion stating that you've successfully completed the program.

Stratworth University provides additional Mini MBA Series certificate as a special recognition when you complete all Mini MBA programs in the series - an important, impressive and remarkable distinction that confirms your newly acquired Strategy Skills which you can add to your resume, LinkedIn profile and other similar platforms.

Key Benefits of a Stratworth Mini MBA

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Increase the Value of your CV, LinkedIn profile and more.

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A learner-centric curriculum designed to provide thorough grounding in Strategy & AI through experiential delivery

Ready to join the next cohort?

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