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Executive Program in
Competing in an AI World

A specialized executive strategy program

Evolve quickly. Learn novel ways your organization can effectively and successfully compete in the age of artificial intelligence.


The duration of our executive programs is 7 weeks excluding self-paced and collaborative sessions.


10-15 hours a week designed to be flexibly integrated into your work schedule


Experiential, learner centered, 100% online, delivering cutting edge strategy education experience 


$499/Full Program

As AI revolutionizes the world of business, traditional rules of competing are currently being re-imagined & re-calibrated.

Join a diverse cohort of executives mastering the new rules of competing in the age of AI.

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The Executive Program Team



In today's rapidly changing landscape, both big and small businesses must act quickly to adapt their strategies, organizational structures, business models, and cultures to keep up. While some organizations struggle to keep up with the pace of change, others are able to evolve rapidly due to the incorporation of strategic agility into their organizational framework. Through this online program, you will acquire the skills to become a strategically agile leader who can aid your organization in competing and succeeding amidst uncertain circumstances.

Key Benefits

Although having a great team is important, achieving strategic agility is not a simple feat. It requires innovative thinking, structured systems and processes, and skilled leaders who can effectively arrange the necessary components. Through this virtual program, you will be able to approach your challenges from new angles, enhance your strategic mindset, and construct an organization that can swiftly innovate, adjust to unforeseen obstacles, and take advantage of fleeting opportunities.


Foster a mindset of strategic agility and leadership
Confront rapidly changing situations with certainty
Create a quick response to change
Develop inventive solutions to complicated, high-risk issues
Establish strategic agility as a competitive edge for your organization
Create a strategy, systems, and culture to increase the agility of your enterprise
Promote innovation under pressure
Lead successful organizational change

Expand your personal and professional network
Enlarge your network by interacting and collaborating with skilled executives from various backgrounds, sectors, and nations around the world
Build relationships with a diverse group of peers who can offer diverse perspectives on your business issues and career choices

Who Should Attend

This program is suitable for executives who have been working for at least a decade and have important strategic, operational, or administrative responsibilities, including executives from various functional areas and business unit leaders. 

The program is open to leaders from organizations of any size or industry, such as manufacturing, technology, life sciences, services, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. 

Attending the program with multiple representatives from your company can enhance teamwork and increase the program's influence on your organization.

Skills Highlight

AI-driven Business Models

Automation & Analytics

Regenerative AI & Strategy

New growth potentials

Data-driven Strategy

Ethical Deployment of AI 

AI-first Operations

AI-led Transformation


Win Competition in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

  • Revisualize your organization’s value propositions to generate novel AI enabled revenue streams

  • Transition your organization into an era of AI-driven systems and processes 

  • Lead and guide your organization in the development of artificial intelligence capabilities and the design of advanced data platforms thereby engendering advanced levels of automation to better compete in the age of AI

  • Manage the inherent risks associated with AI and engender an ethical approach to the use of AI within your organization.

  • Join a network of global strategy professionals and aspiring strategy professionals from over 30 countries

  • Earn an Executive Education Certificate alongside digital badges of achievement

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