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A Better World Through
Strategy Education

Redefining Professional Strategy Education 

Distinguish yourself. Get an unconventional strategy education. Learn new ways of thinking, feeling and acting to create a prosperous world.

About Stratworth

Our Story: Stratworth University is the professional education and development unit of Stratworth Strategy Consulting.  As a corporate university, it caters to the professional strategy education needs of current and aspiring executives and individuals who currently have or are soon to take on responsibility for the strategic direction of their organizations.

Our Philosophy: At Stratworth University, we believe that global prosperity hinges on the best strategic decisions (add data here). Therefore, we exist to enable and maximize the strategic decision making potential of leaders, by providing the deepest, most rigorous, most creative and the most unconventional strategy education that transforms clients into the most sophisticated, most creative and most unconventional strategy thinkers/strategists (compared to peers), who go on to help their organizations chart the most creative, most unconventional, most impactful/profitable strategies their industries have ever seen; thereby collectively enhancing national, regional and global economies which in turn enhances global prosperity.

Our Model: As a corporate university, Stratworth University is the antithesis to not only conventional professional strategy education programs, but also the antithesis to conventional universities and business schools. We embody a structural fusion of business and university, yet diverge from both realms. Drawing from the world of business, we channel an unwavering commitment to delivering tangible results for our clients and a profound understanding of the real-world strategic challenges confronting strategic leaders. Concurrently, drawing from our academic origins, we infuse academic and research rigor into our strategy programs and curricula.

Our Values & Principles

Shatter Scientific Barriers

To expedite the advancement of science, and its dissemination

Equip Researchers

To revolutionize science through the facilitation of transparency, collaboration, inclusivity and choice.

Deepen Rigor

To facilitate the assessment, communication and dissemination research and all of its critical components in an accurate and equitable manner

Open Science

To contribute to the development of a global foundation of freely and timely assessible scientific knowledge upon which a better world can be advanced. 

Skills Highlight

Opportunity Identification

Strategic Venture Growth

Strategic Business Valuation

Strategic Intrapreneurship

Strategic Innovation

International Competitiveness

Strategic Venture Financing

Exit Strategies

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