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developed through INVENTIVE LEARNING and

Th!nk Strategy? Think Stratworth.

Stratworth university aspires to be the world's leading and exemplary standard for premium strategy education & research. Our mission is to uncover, preserve and disseminate unconventional strategy knowledge & facilitate the education of current and future generations of strategy leaders through outstanding education and research, in ways that are immersive, innovative and transformative.

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A Better World Through Strategy Education

At Stratworth University, we believe that global prosperity hinges on the best strategic decisions, and strategic business decisions are at the core of these.

However, data from over two decades of cumulative surveys of over 13,000 executives and 50 companies shows a discrepancy between desired & actual strategy capabilities. Stratworth University therefore exists to bridge this critical professional strategy skills gap.

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Why Stratworth?


Our singular focus on strategy ensures we provide you with an unparalleled depth of strategy knowledge.


While mostly asynchronous, our mode and pace of program delivery are inherently flexible.  


In addition to open enrollment programs, we also offer custom programs tailored to your firm’s needs.


Our strategy programs are designed to be both premium and affordable. 


Our Programs


Modern Mini MBA programs in strategy designed as a cohesive series but can be taken individually. Carefully crafted with a focus on real-world strategy practice for current and aspiring strategists.


Premium professional strategy education for individuals and organizations designed to help experienced executives strategize at a higher level and expand their global perspective


A premium strategy program that aggregates rare strategy insights as masterclasses. 

Learn from the world's best strategists, anywhere and at your own pace.


Short premium theoretical,  and analytical courses designed to help strategy researchers produce high impact strategy research.

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Abdul Hasib Suenu, USA.

Legal & Portfolio Advisor at 

A transformative program with real world cases that enhanced my  application of strategic management principles . The knowledge, skills & confidence gained from the course still helps me effectiely navigate the corporate/legal world.

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